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Concentration and application of metal salts

antiperspirant lotion
antiperspirant lotion

Such metal compounds are available in practice for the purpose of treatment in various forms. They are administered, for example as solutions, creams, lotions or powders. As solvents they are presented by an alcoholic or aqueous solution. The aqueous solution has proven to be the poorest of side effects and therefore preferred solution form prevailed.

Aluminum chloride solution can be for external treatment of hyperhidrosis, thus not only in the liquid state, but also used for example as a viscous gel. As a gel substance that can be packed into an even roll-on deodorant, which makes the external application and therefore the application to the skin surface even easier. In general, the metal solution is mixed by pharmacists and production frequently enriched with additional substances. The individual interests of those affected and the present disease-specific image by the versatility of the application form from metal solutions should be carefully considered.
Je nach Intensität und Grad der Hyperhidrosis kann Aluminiumchloridlösung in verschiedenen Konzentrationen verabreicht werden. Bei leichteren Phäno-menen der Schweißdrüsenfehlregulation ist bereits eine Konzentration von 10-15 % AlCl3 zur Minderung der Sekretionsrate ausreichend. In extremen Fällen der Hyperhidrosis sollte dagegen eine höhere Konzentration, bis ma-ximal 30 %, angewandt werden, wobei die höchste Konzentrationsstufe für eine  Applikation an Händen und Füßen indiziert ist.