Botox against perspiration!

The Poison Botulinumtoxin against Perspiration!

Initially the therapy is used in neurology/psychiatry to treat muscle spasm.Botulinum-Toxin is a nerve poison that eliminates the secretion of perspiration.Sweat glands receive an impulse of the nerves in order to release their sweat.The impulse of the nerve is transmitted by the acetylcholine.By the bacterial toxin Botox, this transmission is irreversibly blocked, which means that the secretion of the perspiration is temporarily stopped.  

Most of the times it will take a couple of months up to one year for the perspiration to start again.  Therefore, the botox therapy is not a permanent procedure in order to stop the hyperhidrosis.Boxtox is given by injection according to the needs.The areas on the skin, which are effected, are being injected.   The numbers of injections given depends on the surface of the skin as well as the intensity of the perspiration.The botox therapy has no named side effects.

However, some individuals are immune to the bacterial poison (approximately 10% of the population) therefore there is no effect in this therapy.

Botox therapie

This therapy is effective when treating the hand, feet and parts of the face.A disadvantage is the expense of this procedure.Health insurances are not willing to pay for this.  Also, the injection procedure is painful at times.A local anaesthesia is necessary.  The therapy is still not approved by the FDA.