Therapy options in hyperhidrosis

While in the first part of the book the causes and symptoms of the clinical picture of hyperhidrosis were analyzed against the background of the multi-faceted and complex factors of influence, in the following, the question of possible forms of therapy, crucial to the afflicted, is discussed.
Due to the results obtained in recent years from research and medical theory regarding the function, provocation and blocking of the sweat glands, there now exists a wide and constantly updated spectrum of therapies for the treatment of the various forms of pathological perspiration. This assortment of treatments extends from topical therapy with sweat-inhibiting agents (external, locally limited therapy) through systemic therapy (internal therapy by taking medications,) physical therapy (current bath,) psychotherapy, and intradermal botulinum toxin injections, all the way to surgical interventions, such as endoscopic sympathicus blockade or curettage of the sweat glands (aspiration hidrectomy.) The effect of the therapeutic procedures can often be increased even further by their combination.

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