few side effects

antiperspirant spray
antiperspirant spray

with the application as an antiperspirant metal salts is a suitable and effective means for the rich hyperhidrosis therapy. The use of such therapeutic agent should not be left unturned. The metal solution, it's also in a very effective self-therapy to bring application and will not last for this reason as a therapeutic measure in the inner circle of Hyperhidrosisbehandlung ideal.
About the potential effect of aluminum chloride should thus   as well as practitioners concerned   not ignore. Moreover, the substance used with such low side effects, if any, associated with this, that in this type of application, the harm-benefit ratio perfectly preserved remains.

Occasionally it can even cause skin redness, itching and   with formation of bubbles. Metal salts can also cause odematöse or mild inflammation. Such phenomena are experienced as itchy Rash caused by the blockage of sweat ducts, which are formed as a result of Schweißstauung blisters that burst and dry up relatively quickly. Such side effects, however, remain the exception.
Also, the fact that the metal solution may cause textile dyes, particularly when used under the armpits, is intended here as a possible consequence not be concealed. With proper and careful application of the solution but even this evil can be prevented.