Hidrex therapy againt sweating

The Hidrex Therapy is a therapy scientifically recognized since many of years. The therapy is successful in most of the cases without taking any medications or having to have surgery and the results are a normal dry skin.  The Hidrex Therapy, when used according to the instruction is absolutely harmless, and virtually free of pain and side effect.

The illness Hyperhidrosis

The illness is called “hyperhidrosis” and many individuals affected by it still think there is no treatment. Because of his/her cold sweaty hands the individual is suffering strongly psychically and also in regards to the industrial medicine it’s a burden, day after day.

The treatment is accomplished by hand and feet baths that’s to mean special applications by means of soft direct current. The direct current can be adjusted, and has a maximum current. There is no safety risk.

The Hidrex treatment procedere

The treatment procedure has two phases:

In the first phase (initial therapy) the therapy takes place under the supervision of a medical doctor, and the realization of the treatment will be taught. After approximately ten treatments, the sweat secretion will have reached a normal stage. After this initial success, under the supervision of a physician, is reached, this can be submitted to the health insurance as proof. 

The second phase :
Because of the reversible character of the Hidrex Therapy a long term treatment is indicated, which can be done at home using this device. To continue the success of the treatment, the therapy should be followed through one to two times a week, depending on the severity of the clinical syndromes.