Textile solution for armpit sweating

Natural remedy to avoid sweat stains on clothes

Textile solution for armpit sweating
Textile solution for armpit sweating
In the battle against unsightly sweat stains on clothing, there are along with to the application of aluminum chloride or industrial products, completely natural remedies such as axillary pads or functional shirts.

This is not a specific form of therapy but rather a lamination of the axillary sweating, but with a positive result as good as in the medical, cosmetic or even surgical options.

Primarily a treatment or actually application without any medical intervention on your body.

These sweat absorbing undershirts or polo shirts are of high quality with a built-in pocket for normal tissues for absorption of underarm sweat and a liquid barrier in the armpit area.

The advantages are obvious:

  • No intervention on your body
  • No more white lines under your arms
  • No fear of lifting your arms
  • No pitiful and disgusted looks anymore

1. The pocket:
The pocket is sewn into the underarm of the shirt.

2. The fluid blocker:
Should the absorbent inserts become too wet, there is a waterproof membrane sewn into the underarm of the shirt so you can be sure there will be no sweat or stains on your clothing.

3. On top of that:
The fluid blocker is covered with another layer of absorbent fabric. These first layers are usually sufficient to absorb your sweat.

4. Paper tissues:
You can use any kind or brand and they are less expensive than a special absorbent. Tempo Pocket tissues are ideal as they are strong enough to hold together when wet. Customer suggestion: use menthol-scented handkerchiefs. It also gives a pleasant fragrance.

5. Production:
•    The undershirt is made by a traditional Swiss Company 
•    The polo shirt is made by a traditional German Company 
•    The fabric is 100% cotton with the Oekotex standard 100 seal 
•    produced in an environmentally conscious establishment. 
•    100% cotton yarn of “Swiss cotton ring” (women's shirt with 5% Lycra) 
•    tested for harmful materials 

Further information: http://laulas.com