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Sweat Stop
Sweat Stop

Functional Cosmetics Company AG is an innovative company which specializes in functional personal care products.

As a specialized manufacturer in this very specific niche we offer not only first-class product solutions expertise around the topic of transpiration. The service at the customers to the highest possible satisfaction is our promise. In order to offer our customers high quality and innovative products, we focus on stetigeund of professionals supervised development. Functional Cosmetics Company AG has sichzur mission made ​​it possible to increase the quality of life affected significantly in all countries of the world.
A flexible corporate structure allows light Functional Cosmetics Company AG, internal and external customer-oriented processes undeffizient to gestalten.Diese flexibility of Unternehmungin connection with their value reduction reflects sichim dealing with their stakeholders and with all its customers.


Strong but gentle to the skin against excessive sweating and body odor. AHC ProdukteAntitranspirante by JV Cosmetics
Antiperspirant products and more ...

The Hidrex therapy is a scientifically recognized for many years treatment process without medication or surgery results in almost all cases to normal dry skin. The Hidrex therapy is completely safe when used correctly, and virtually painless and free of side effects.

Laulas - created from our own history of suffering
Prevent sweat stains in the armpits - without surgery 
With this idea starts Gerhard Goss, even severely affected by excessive armpit sweat, his company in 2007. [Nbsp] The laulas undershirt helps in the meantime thousands of victims in 30 countries.
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