press release

by Dietmar Stattkus (comments: 0)

The content examines the pathological perspiration, which is extremely stressful in terms of occupation, health as well as psycho-socially. The information in this book was gathered from different sources, which are in detail referred to in the glossary. Competent medical experts have contributed to the configuration of this interesting book. It is an inexhaustible advisory providing information for those suffering or simply interested in this subject. It explains clearly the cause of these phenomena, the phenomena itself and the different therapies.

Even though the book was written for the general public and therefore easy to follow, the supporting photographs substantiate the text. The book provides a step by step structure, which makes it a pleasure to read and the theories are easy to understand. 
All in all it is a pleasure to read the book, since it is clearly structured, very professionally written and information can easily be referred to.

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