sweating after spicy food

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Sweating after eating spicy food

This is due to the substance capsaicin, which is found in chili peppers or cayenne pepper, for example. If we take it in with our food, the blood vessels dilate, causing our heart to beat faster and our body temperature to rise. To protect the body from overheating, cooling sweat is produced (physiological hyperhidrosis).

Capsaicin is considered a natural alkaloid (abbreviated CPS), predominantly found in various types of peppers, which causes a heat or heat stimulus in mammals by acting on specific receptors.

Profuse sweating on the face after eating spicy foods

If, after eating foods containing CPS, sweat gradually runs down the forehead and face and the scalp begins to sweat profusely, this can be attributed to a natural physiological effect. It is thus a physiological form of hypersecretion, basically without disease value.

Differentiation from gustatory sweating

In contrast, so-called gustatory sweating is a special form of facial hyperhidrosis, i.e. the classic facial sweating. This abnormal sweating phenomenon in the face-neck area occurs only during food intake in general and is triggered directly by gustatory stimuli (i.e. taste stimuli such as tasting, chewing or biting). This form of specific sweating is neurological in origin and very difficult to address therapeutically.

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