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natural remedies against sweating

Anti sweat undershirt
Anti sweat undershirt

Excessive or pathological sweating is a psychologically as well as physically highly stressful problem for those affected. In the fight against this evil with all its psychosocial disadvantages, there are quite effective offers of help on a natural basis, without having to resort to physical interventions, such as taking medication or even surgery with side effects that are difficult to assess. As before any treatment, before taking appropriate measures, first a sound basis of information should be established as to what could ultimately be the cause of the individual and abnormal sweating behavior.

A thoroughly efficient option in the fight against the most common phenomenon of excessive sweating, unwanted underarm perspiration, is the wearing of special functional underwear, which prevents the visibility of unsightly sweat stains and helps to achieve a high degree of physical security even in socially concise situations for those affected.

In the fight against ugly sweat stains in clothing, in addition to the applications of aluminum chlorides as a pharmacy mixture or industrial products, there are also completely natural remedies such as underarm pads or functional shirts.

This is not a specific form of therapy but rather the  concealment of axillary sweating, but with a result that is often just as positive as the medical, cosmetic or even surgical applications.

Primarily, this is a "treatment or better application" without any intervention in the body.

The anti-sweat shirts are an undershirt of high quality with a built-in pocket for normal paper tissues to absorb the underarm sweat and a liquid barrier in the underarm area.

to the supplier for laulasĀ® against strong underarm perspiration

The advantages of such tools are obvious:

  1. no interference with your body
  2. no more white edges under your arms
  3. no longer afraid to raise your arms
  4. no shirts & blouses yellowed with underarm perspiration

the mode of operation using the laulas product example from a Swiss manufacturer:

1. pocket:
Exactly in your armpit area is a pocket. In this pocket, 1-3 conventional handkerchiefs ("Tempo" are the best). These handkerchiefs continuously absorb your underarm sweat and prevent it from leaking out and becoming visible as a large dark spot.

2. liquid barrier:
In case something ever escapes the handkerchief, we have also added a liquid barrier (membrane) around the underarm area.

3. Additional:
The liquid barrier is also covered with absorbent fabric. Often the absorbency of the fabric is already sufficient.

4. Handkerchiefs:
Paper handkerchiefs are available everywhere and significantly cheaper than additional "special pulp" to absorb.

5. production:

produced by a traditional Swiss company
from 100 % cotton with the Oekotex Standard 100 (textiles tested for harmful substances, environmentally friendly factory) - for the ladies' shirt with 5 % Lycra
100 % from yarns of "Swiss Cotton Ring" cotton
from material tested for harmful substances

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