After the procedure

ETS-Experience report: After the intervention

The U.S. patients who also underwent the surgery in Merano, had no such complaints mostly. When I was once again driven by 16 clock of X-ray control to the ground floor with a wheelchair, I was still poor. Following this procedure, my condition improved but from minute to minute. I forced myself to drink some tea, eat biscuits, to walk a few yards, went to the bathroom and sat up in bed. Clock at 18.30, I was almost back in order. About four hours after the surgery I got back pain in the operated ribs which were to endure unpleasant but. Following administration of an analgesic, they were gone. Toward evening, the infusion needle was removed from my hand. Dr. Tarfusser clock at 20.30 looked over again at the clinic. Somewhat restful sleep I could not before I had taken about midnight the nurse offered by the sleeping pill. The following morning you can eat breakfast normally again. The nausea is completely gone, the pain is bearable. The scars of the poor are not even as big as the nail of his little finger and with an air-tight and water-covered pavement, which must be removed after about eight days and with the showers is not a problem. After a final check by Dr. Tarfusser I could leave the hospital at about 11 clock.

The cost of the surgery and the hospital stay must be paid when leaving the hospital by cash or traveler's checks. It issued three separate bills: one by the hospital (about 1.200, - DM), one by Dr. Tarfusser (about 2.800, - DM) and one by Dr. Frederick (approx. 600, - DM). The documents are then submitted for reimbursement from the patients at the health insurance.