Postoperative consideration

ETS-Experience report: postoperative examination

Since the surgery my hand sweat is completely gone. Although the hands are always warm or even hot, but have no trace of moisture will be more and more uncomfortable with excitement, not cold. Also at the head and neck are not perspire more, and the underarm sweat has been reduced to a minimum. The feet still sweat, but much less frequently and to a lesser extent than before the operation. My sweat boundary runs roughly from the nipples. In hot weather or physical activity occurs in the so-called compensatory sweating on my chest, back, torso and legs. However, it is compared with the state before the surgery is extremely rare and always in extent tolerable. 

Gustatory sweating (sweating in certain facial regions flavor) has set itself for me about six weeks after surgery in mild form in the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables (especially strawberries and lettuce). My forehead, which usually remains even at maximum exertion, heat or stress is completely dry, moist minimal in such situations. The sweating is so small that it is not visible to others. Other persons who have undergone the ETS have, I heard about this strange but harmless and previously reported in any way disturbing effect on the consumption of extremely acidic or spicy foods. Also Dr. Tarfusser made me aware of the possibility before the operation gustatory sweating. Besides the effect on the sweating, I noticed that my tendency to blush has waned considerably. This was never a particularly big problem for me, but of course I do not mind that it has improved. Even the strong heart palpitations, which has not stopped me in rare situations, stress and fear seems to have disappeared. Circulation problems after the operation so far I have not had. 

From the so-called degenerative sweating (sweat attack on the affected parts of the body after surgery), which has already been many chases after the operation a shock, I remained largely unaffected. Later, only a few hours after surgery in vomiting and related efforts, and about two days I had sweaty palms again minimal. Also, I was sweating on the day after surgery surprisingly strong in the elbow. The pain after the operation were minimal.