Sympathetic blockade

Operative Procedures ETS Hyperhidrosis

The endoscopic transthoric sympathy-ecotomy is a surgical procedure to cut the nerve, which after receiving a pulse secretes the perspiration.This endoscopic procedure is mainly done by individuals, who are suffering extremely from hyperhidrosis in their face or hand.  In regards to sweaty feet, there is the problem that it is very complicated to reach the localisation of the simulating nerve.

In this case the surgery is much more expended because of the necessary open stomach surgery. The ETS is done by many special hospitals according to the present procedures, and is a small-invasive surgery.The elimination of total body perspiration can not be archived.

Where in earlier days a surgery took place by cutting the abdominal wall, the surgeon today, thanks to the endoscope is able to reach the necessary nerve with little effort.    A clinic, specializing in this surgical procedure you can find under the link below:

A comprehensive site about treatment options and surgical techniques of Dr. Schick, German Hyperhidrosiscenter Munich.