Aluminum chloride formula

individual formulation aluminum chloride solution

aluminum chloride solution against sweating
aluminum chloride solution against sweating

Aluminum chloride solutions as so-called individual or extemporaneous prescriptions can be prepared in pharmacies. According to the regulations of the New Formulary, three relevant formulas exist.

A significant difference to finished products is that the three aluminum chloride hexahydrate formulations of the NRF are to be regarded as medicinal products, whereas finished products are either cosmetic products or possibly also medical products. The potency of the aluminum salts to inhibit perspiration is considered to be directly proportional to the acidic response, although this in turn correlates with local side effects.

Aluminum chloride hexahydrate, which has a very strong acidic reaction, is predominantly not used in finished products, and only a few corresponding finished medicinal products are in circulation. The deodorant effect of aluminum chloride hexahydrate is a concomitant effect, but not the primary application purpose of treatment with aluminum chloride solutions.

individual recipe or finished product

All in all, the application with metal salts as antiperspirant remains a suitable and effective means of hyperhidrosis therapy. Therefore, the application of such a therapeutic agent should not be left untried.

In addition, the metal solution can be used very effectively in the context of self-therapy and appears to be most suitable as a therapeutic measure in the narrower circle of hyperhidrosis treatment, not least for this reason.

The potential effect of aluminum chloride should therefore  not be overlooked by the practitioner or the patient. In addition, the use of the substance is accompanied by so few side effects, if any, that the harm-benefit ratio is also optimally maintained with this type of application.