Hidrex iontophoresis therapy

Hidrex therapy is a treatment method that has been scientifically recognized for many years, which in almost all cases leads to normally dry skin without medication or surgical intervention. Hidrex therapy is absolutely harmless when used correctly, and is virtually painless and free of side effects. The treatment is carried out by hand and foot baths or special applicators through which a weak current flows. The strength of the current can be adjusted to personal sensation and is limited to maximum values. There is no safety risk whatsoever.
The advantage of iontophoresis therapy compared to other therapeutic measures is mainly the simplicity and ease of application. In addition, this procedure is almost completely free of side effects, in contrast to drug therapies or surgical interventions. The treatment is therefore risk-free and in most cases highly effective.

treatment with special applicators

Occasionally, even the hyperhidrosis phenomena of other body areas such as axillary or facial hyperhidrosis have been treated by means of special devices. Further dermatological research results on the application versatility of this physical therapy are still pending at present, as the research periods are very long.

TWI in self-therapy

At first sight, the iontophoresis procedure seems to be very complicated and costly, especially if we take into account that such therapy can actually be performed only under clinical supervision. However, in the meantime there are developed iontophoresis devices, which the patient can operate himself without any expenses and difficulties.
Therefore, the patient is given the opportunity to undergo self-therapy at home. Often even the health insurance pays the purchase price of such a device, since the quite effective therapy justifies the associated costs of an iontophoresis device. Such an investment pays off more favorably than a medical odyssey with unmanageable costs.


In the first phase ( initial therapy ) therapy is carried out under medical supervision and the implementation of the treatment is learned. After about 10 treatments, sweat secretion normalizes. The medical control provides the proof of the initial success often required by the health insurance.

Maintenance phase

Due to the reversible character of the Hidrex therapy, a long-term treatment is indicated, which is carried out with the own device alone at home (self-therapy). To maintain the therapy success, therapy is performed one to three times a week for 10-15 minutes, depending on the severity of the clinical picture.

the two Hidrex therapy methods
Hidrex Therapiegeräte Ion mit App
Hidrex Therapiegerät Ion mit App

The Hidrex® therapy home devices  are characterized by their simple operation and maximum reliability with the highest effectiveness. In close cooperation with the largest university hospitals in Germany, a device concept was developed that meets the highest demands.

The two HIDREX® therapy methods

You have the choice between two types of current:
Direct Current GS and Pulsed Current PS. In addition, Hidrex® offers you optionally available useful accessories for the different forms of therapy, which are perfectly adapted to the respective devices and applications.
Details can be found on our Hidrex website.


Please ask your dermatologist about Hidrex therapy.

Patients with pacemakers, metal implants and large skin defects should refrain from therapy, as should women during pregnancy.

In these cases, please be sure to check with your responsible physician.


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