Homeopathy for sweating

homeopathy against sweating

Homeopathy against sweating
Homeopathy against sweating

For mild and moderate degrees of hyperhidrosis, homeopathic medicines also offer themselves as treatment alternatives in the fight against excessive sweating. In addition to the anticholinergics already pointed out in connection with systemic therapy, which are known to cause serious side effects, these plant preparations with quite direct or indirect antiperspirant functions offer acceptable to good tolerability.   

These herbal antiperspirants act in the sense of stimulus and response therapy. In contrast to anticholinergics, herbal antiperspirant medicines can be used therapeutically for longer periods.

homeopathy for hot flashes menopause

In this context, it should also be noted that homeopathic antiperspirants should certainly be considered in the course of treatment, but severe degrees of hyperhidrosis are likely to be unsuccessful in treatment with this gentle therapy. Moreover, no scientific evidence exists on the effectiveness of homeopathy against sweating. In the case of lower degrees of excessive perspiration or in the case of temporary sweating disorders in connection with hormonal control (for example in the phase of menopause/climacteric see climacteric sweating) or in the case of unspecific night sweating, however, these remedies can certainly help to achieve therapeutic success and a reduction in perspiration. Among the best known herbal agents is probably sage.    

The following is a list of the best known herbal medicinal substances in use against excessive sweating. This list makes no claim to completeness and serves only as an exemplary list.

Salvia officinalis - sage against sweat
Salvia officinalis - Salbei gegen Schweiß
Salvia officinalis - Salbei gegen Schweiß

The list of applications in which sage can be used in various forms is quite long and versatile.

In use, sage helps with heavy sweating (including foot sweat and night sweats), hot flashes and menopausal sweating. 

For more information on the use of sage against sweating diseases, click here...


Jaborandi against sweating

Jaborandi is a homeopathic medicine from the South American plant genus of the same name, also called Ruta herb. The herbal active ingredient is extracted from essential oil in the leaves of the plant .

Jaborandi is available in the form of globules, drinking ampoules or drops. The homeopathic remedy is used for night sweats, thyroid problems and hot flashes.

Acidum sulfuricum - sulfuric acid

Acidum sulfuricum (Sulfuricum acidum) finds use, among other things, during menopause, when hot flashes occur in conjunction with heavy sweating and flushing.


Calcium carbonicum Hahnemanni - Oyster shell lime

Calcium carbonicum Hahnemanni or oyster shell lime, is a broad-spectrum homeopathic medicine. The basic substance is calcium carbonate obtained from oyster shells. The substance is extremely rich in minerals and shows long duration of action in the organism. Therefore, Calcium carbonicum enables to treat various organ and metabolic disorders, among other things, excessive sweating is also influenced, here especially localized sweating e.g. on hands, feet, armpits and/or also sweating limited in time such as morning or night sweat.

Mercurius solubilis - Quecksilber

Mercurius solubilis helps against a variety of complaints that occur with copious, burning, strong-smelling secretions (thus also sweat as a form of secretion). Sensitivity to heat and cold is also typical.

Used in homeopathic doses, Mercurius solubilis with its basic ingredient mercury is harmless and relieves debilitating, malodorous sweats and night sweats.

The listed remedies, medicines and active ingredients of this page can not replace a visit to the doctor. Consult a doctor if you have unclear or serious health complaints! Homeopathic remedies are not suitable to treat serious diseases exclusively and arbitrarily with them. For supportive treatment with homeopathic remedies, please consult your doctor in case of serious diseases.