ETS-Experience report: Conclusion

My conclusion: The ETS was for me after the failure of all other treatment approaches, my last chance to fight the hyperhidrosis. As far as I can judge, after eight weeks, the intervention has brought the desired success. My hands are dry in all situations and that was my main goal. That the welding head is gone and the underarm and foot odor has been reduced substantially, is a welcome addition. The compensatory sweating is mild and tolerable. I can only hope and pray that Dr. Tarfusser right reserves and receive the current state remains forever. I am in this relationship become a bit skeptical after I was initially disappointed by the brilliant success of therapy after iontophoresis bitter. Several times I was already plagued by nightmares in which returned my hand sweat. But at least for the near future I am optimistic.

Meanwhile, the everyday life for me has started again and the advantages of dry hands are not overlooked.Every day I experience that many situations where I was earlier severely restricted due to wet hands and the fear of sweating and inhibited, now no problem for me. According to Dr. Tarfusser changed fundamentally for many people life after surgery and I can understand that. Although I've always tried not to hide myself, despite my handicap, but I have dry hands when dealing with people and in many activities of daily living given a large piece of more self-confidence. Many fears, inhibitions and stress factors for me are gone overnight.

In short:
The ETS has provided me with a small and calculable risk of inestimable value. It is hoped that this will remain forever, or at least very long and will adjust to any unwanted, not yet foreseeable negative long term effects.

22 April 1997