Application forms

application forms

Antiperspirant als Lotion
Antiperspirant als Lotion

Such metal compounds are offered in treatment practice for the purpose of application in various forms. For example, they are administered as solutions, creams, lotions or powders. As a solvent, they are presented in the form of an alcoholic or aqueous solution. The aqueous solution has become established as the solution form with the fewest side effects and is therefore the preferred form.

Aluminum chloride solutions can thus be used for the external treatment of hyperhidrosis not only in liquid form but also, for example, as a viscous gel. As a gel, this substance can even be packaged in a deodorant roller, which makes external application and thus application to the skin surface even easier. As a rule, the metal solution is mixed by pharmacists and often enriched with other substances during production. The individual interests of the person concerned and the specific clinical picture at hand can be duly taken into account by the versatility of the application form of metal solutions.

concentration and application of metal salts

In the case of hyperhidrosis of the armpits, for example, a roller prepared with the metal mixture would prove to be the ideal therapeutic agent. Hyperhidrosis of the hands and feet, on the other hand, would be better treated by means of a liquid metal solution, since the liquid would have a much more intensive antiperspirant effect on these areas of the skin and would be able to act more deeply on the surface of the skin and thus on the glandular excretory organs. With regard to an optimal dosage and the correct form of application of the metal active substances, physicians and especially also pharmacists are available to help and advise the patient.

Depending on the intensity and degree of hyperhidrosis, aluminum chloride solution can be administered in various concentrations. In the case of mild phenomena of sweat gland dysregulation, a concentration of 10-15% AlCl3 is already sufficient to reduce the rate of secretion. In extreme cases of hyperhidrosis, on the other hand, a higher concentration, up to ma-ximum 30 %, should be applied, with the highest concentration level indicated for  application to the hands and feet.