Metal salts in the fight against sweat

External applications against Sweating
External applications against Sweating

In addition to the previously introduced chemical substances that develop inside the body schweißreduzierende their effect, there are those substances which are able to drastically inhibit for external application, the excess secretion of sweat fluid. For this purpose, mainly include metal compounds,   in particular the link between aluminum and chlorine, the main group of antiperspirants gehören.Aluminiumchlorid and also - as well as zinc and magnesium sulfate have proven themselves as agents within the weld metal and Hydrosistherapie fighting successfully for years. These compounds have an astringent effect, hinder and complicate   exit the secretions, and can also be administered very friendly treatment in a variety of application modifications. Metal compounds as therapeutic attack, unlike the anticholinergic drug does not enter the circulatory physiology of the sweat glands. They serve, therefore, entirely outside the application.
The metal compound is a functional closure of the skin is bwirkt, causing a reduction of sweat. Metal ions in the solution react with the cells of the sweat glands as a product and eventually form a precipitate, blocking the outlet channel from the glands.
The metal materials as astringents solve   as the reaction sequence a protein precipitation, which seals the gland ducts in the upper area of ​​the skin. These substances therefore have only a superficial skin and no more profound effect.