laulas® EXTREM

laulas® EXTREM - for the really sweaty days and situations
Functional undershirt to prevent sweat stains in your armpits

laulas® EXTREM was developed for very large amounts of sweat. Extra large absorbent pads trap extra large amounts of sweat.

The laulas® undershirt traps excessive sweat inside your armpits in absorbent pads and an additional barrier made of membrane fabric ensures armpits without sweat stains - even with extremely heavy perspiration.

laulas® vs. laulas® EXTREM

What is the difference between laulas® and laulas® EXTREM?

laulas® EXTREM has a larger inner pocket to accommodate a 2.5 times larger absorbent pad.

The larger pad absorbs significantly larger amounts of perspiration and, like our laulas standard, lies flat and comfortable against the body thanks to the snug-fitting inner pocket.

Externally, there is no difference: the wearing comfort is thus unchanged and also the membrane continues to protect their clothes from sweat stains.

  1. Coolmax® - a water-attracting mesh fabric ensures the rapid transport of sweat into the changing pocket.
  2. Changing pocket with absorbent pad - the new laulas® absorbent pads with superabsorbent threads safely trap sweat.
  3. Swisscotton® cotton - ensures pleasant wearing comfort and is a natural barrier.
  4. Bionic climate membrane - the applied liquid barrier prevents the leakage of liquid to the outside, protecting your clothes.
  1. verhindert Schweissflecken bei übermässigem Achselschweiss natürlich - ohne Eingriff in Ihren Körper! .
  2. Innenachsel aus wasserdichtem und atmungsaktivem Membranstoff
  3. integrierte Achseltasche für Saugeinlagen innen (schliessen den Schweiss ein)
  4. die Saugeinlagen der Achseltaschen nehmen auch sehr grosse Mengen Schweiss auf und schliessen teilweise Geruch ein
  5. -100 % Baumwolle aus swisscotton mit dem Oekotex Standard 100 Schutzbereich 1 Membran 83 % Polyamid, 15 % Polyurethan
  6. Damen: Oberhemd 95 % Baumwolle swisscotton & 5 % Elastan mit dem Oekotex Standard 100 Schutzbereich 1 Membran 83 % Polyamid, 15 % Polyurethan; 2 % Elastan Schutzbericht 2 Meshstoff 100 % Polyester aus schadstoffgeprüftem Material made in Switzerland

simple application

Easy application of the soaker pads with perfect fit:

Place the laulas soaker pad with the hole facing up into the changing pocket of the inside of your laulas functional undershirt.
Position the hole of the soaker pad at the end of the Velcro fastener. Close.

The Velcro fastener holds the soaker pad in place. Perfect fit without slipping.

Compared to the normal laulas, Laulas EXTREM has larger changing pockets for significantly larger absorbent pads, which absorb 2.5 times the amount of perspiration. And this without any restriction of wearing comfort.

laulas® has been giving thousands of customers in over 30 countries a little piece of quality of life back for many years now

  • dry armpits thanks to special absorbent pads
  • feel safe again without sweat stains
  • wear bright colors again
  • lift your arms again without fear
  • protects your outerwear from yellowing and deodorant stains
  • very flat seams due to flatlook processing

note: laulas® functional undershirts are cut rather larger

Absorbent pads for laulas® EXTREM functional clothing to prevent sweat stains in your armpits. Designed for your extra comfort and very high absorption of underarm perspiration. Absorbs 2.5 times the amount of laulas standard absorbent pads

  • simply insert into the inner pocket of your laulas® functional undershirt
  • especially high absorbency and very thin, even with heavy sweating
  • traps your underarm perspiration
  • reduces the moisture in your armpits
  • reduces the formation of odors
  • protects your outerwear
  • skin-friendly, dermatologically safe, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free
  • environmentally friendly easy to dispose