low side effect

allergic skin irritation
allergic skin irritation

All in all, the application with metal salts as antiperspirant remains a suitable and effective means of hyperhidrosis therapy. Therefore, the application of such a therapeutic agent should not be left untried. In addition, the metal solution can be used very effectively in the context of self-therapy and appears to be most suitable as a therapeutic measure in the narrower circle of hyperhidrosis treatment, not least for this reason.
The potential effect of aluminum chloride should therefore  not be overlooked by the practitioner or the patient. In addition, the use of the substance is accompanied by so few side effects, if any, that the harm-benefit ratio is also optimally maintained with this type of application.

low side effects of antiperspirants

Isolated skin redness, itching and  vesicle formation may occur once. Metal salts may also cause odematous or mild inflammation. Such phenomena are experienced as an itchy frizz rash, caused by the blockage of the sweat gland ducts, resulting in the formation of vesicles as a result of sweat stasis, which burst and dry out relatively quickly. However, such accompanying symptoms remain the exception.
The fact that the metal solution can cause textile staining, especially when used under the armpits, should not be concealed here as a possible consequence. However, with proper and careful application of the solution, this problem can also be prevented.