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abnormal sweating - hyperhidrosis

News Hyperhidrosis

Relaxation against sweating - hyperhidrosis

relaxation against sweating

Relaxation procedures as an accompanying treatment to alleviate an abnormal sweat secretion are quite indicated. Such applications as e.g. the well-known autogenic training or yoga have a proven therapeutic support function, but as a sole and exclusive therapy of hyperhidrosis these procedures mostly remain of limited and only minor effect.

Kompensatorisches Schwitzen postoperativ

Compensatory sweating

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Recently, the problem of compensatory sweating has been studied in the context of the use of deodorants. In this context, this particular phenomenon occurs predominantly postoperatively, after sympathectomy or nerve blockade, or even after surgical procedures under the arms by suction or laser treatment, and not infrequently even after effective iontophoresis therapy.

psychotherapy against sweating

The causes of the symptomatic conspicuousness of a hyperhidrotic often lie in the psychological area. Unconscious mental conflicts form and develop on the somatic level and lead a self-dynamic existence. Consequently, the overfunctioning of the sweat glands, which is so stressful and undesirable for those affected, occurs.

Psychotherapy represents a healing method that can effectively contribute to the elimination of  hyperhidrosis on its own or in combination with other therapies.

Schwitzen in den Wechseljahren - klimakterische Hyperhidrosis

Climacteric hyperhidrosis

Hot flushes, hot flashes, sensations of discomfort, night sweats, and seizure-like outbreaks of perspiration are typical accompanying symptoms of the temporary phase of life during menopause. These sweating phenomena may well be very persistent in duration and intensity and lead to severe individual distress.

homoeopathy against sweating

In the field of homeopathic therapy, too, there are a number of active ingredients that can certainly impart antiperspirant effects, at least in less severe forms of hyperhidrosis. Here, homeopathic remedies naturally have fewer side effects and are better tolerated, although not infrequently at the expense of therapeutic efficiency.