abnormal sweating - hyperhidrosis

Causes of Hyperhidrosis

Psychological causes of sweating

Many individuals are sweating extremely under situations, which are not considered a special occasion. The sweat is running down their body or parts of it and often the sweating is accompanied by bad body odour. These shocking moments are not explainable by the individual; the sudden reaction of the body seems to them completely irrational. Depending on the situation they are sweating very heavily, so that they are not able to hide this “abnormality of their body. The result of this is a growing feeling of being uncomfortable and embarrassed. This feeling does increase the sweating even more. This suffering phenomenon is a result of future fear, experiencing the same sweating to occur in similar situations.

The cause of the pathological perspiration has two sources, since the root of the illness could be an organic as well as a psychic one.This causes a lot of misunderstanding in the diagnosis as well as lack of clarity in regards to the understanding of the syndromes. Strict separation and sorting of the causes of pathological perspiration is necessary.

what triggers the abnormal sweating?

A psychogenic or psychogenic diagnosis, based on these grounds, is because of the complex branching in regards to the cause factors, very difficult. Therefore a sound and competent medical-psychological diagnosis requires high demands. Although the search regarding the cause of the pathological perspiration consists of many problems, the claim that this illness is mainly psychological is justified. Especially the psychological causes of this illness, which are shown in detail below, are reasons to claim that this illness shows a psychical-mental problem picture. The medical term of the anomaly of the thyroid function “hyperhidrosis”, says little about the real cause of the illness.

The following exposition include an analysis to the phenomena “hyperhidrosis” under the consideration of any influence data, which are caused psychically as well as physically. This introduction in regards to the pathological aspects of perspiration outlines already the intensity of the problem as well as the extreme psychic pressure, individuals are suffering. Very often they are helpless and are not sure where to look for advice.