autogenic training against hyperhidrosis

The relaxation technique of autogenic training (AG for short) is probably the best-known procedure for achieving physical well-being with only minimal expenditure. Much has been reported and written about the subject in the past, which at the same time can be seen as an indicator of an undeniable healing effect of this self-training. On the other hand, the increasing awareness and interest in autogenic training also symbolizes the inflationary expansion of stress and tension in work and everyday life today.

Autogenic training against sweating

The process of AG counters stress and anxiety with a high degree of effectiveness, which is why the hyperhidrotic should also definitely deal with this relaxation technique, because anxiety and stress can, as is well known, be main causative factors for excessive sweating.

Tiefenentspannung Liegehaltung beim autogenen Training

Autogenic training represents a kind of art of deep relaxation, similar in effect to a healthy sleep state, but which is consciously felt and perceived by autogenic trainees. The sleep process, on the other hand, with its peculiar processes of dreaming, runs more on an unconscious level.

The AG serves primarily prophylactic purposes. With a quick "switching off on command" it is possible to be prepared for appealing and very often overstraining tasks of everyday life and the professional world, to put a stop to the demands and expectations of civilizing activity and to protect and stabilize the highest good of man, his health, with only minor expenses.

The founder of this revolutionary instrument of self-therapy, I.H. Schulz, developed the AG based on already well-founded and empirical findings from hypnosis research. According to the founder, the healing suggestions conveyed by a hypnotherapist in a treatment could be achieved independently by the patient himself with minor modifications.

This study was at the same time the birth of autogenic training, initiated and stimulated by the process of hypnosis-related autosuggestion, a kind of introspective influencing of the human mental state through words or their mental imagination.

All the readings, auditory aids such as videos or music cassettes offered on the market allow a general insight into the technique and application of AG, but by means of a book or video course the learning of the relaxation methodology, with the aim of everyday application and usability, seems to be a long way off. Autogenic training can and should be trained only on the part of a competent mediator equipped with expertise, whether in groups, individual sessions, seminars or elsewhere.