pathological body odor

disease bromhidrosis

Psychic Consequences of Body Odor

psychological sequelae
psychological sequelae

In addition, the person suffering from bromhidrosis is therefore also suffering from psychic circumstances.   The penetrating odour is seen as a lack of hygiene by other individuals. Concerned individuals are being stigmatized and are considered as being dirty, even though they showed a couple times every day, and are using deos and perfumes. A social distance is the significant result of the bromhidrosis.

The cause of the penetrating odour is the so-called apocrine perspiration, which is secreted by the swear glands.  These apocrine glands are located in the axial and genital areas, and are developed at the beginning of the puberty.

The apocrine perspiration is actually very normal. At first, perspiration on the surface of the skin is odourless.  However, within a short period of time, bacterial break down products like fatty acids and ammoniac can rise, which provoke a musty, rancid, faecal and partially acid like odour.
The odour problem of the concern can trigger off a bromhidrosis phobia similar to the hyperhidroses. The concerned are afraid that they smell, they imagine the worth pictures in front of they eyes, and last not least they are sure they “stink.”

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