Stinking sweat - Bromhidrosis - Body odour

Bromhidrosis - stinking sweat - pathological sweat odour
sweat odour

BromEx gegen krankhaften Schweißgeruch

In general there are two different kinds of secrets of the sweat glands. The one is relatively watery and has a neutral odour; the other kind has an unpleasant odour and therefore a strain.  The cause of the unpleasant odour occurs because the perspiration on the surface of the skin decomposes with bacteria and therefore results in a break down product, which is the cause of the unpleasant odour.

As well as the excess secret, the strain of the odour can result in a health factor for the individuals.    It is therefore not the high secretion only, but the perspiration turns into a nuisance for the individual. In addition, the undesirable condition of an intensive body odour increases the stress situation of the individual dramatically.


In the frame of the hyperhidrosis, this form of illness presents an additional subgroup, under which the individual has to suffer. The syndrome “bromhidrosis” (which when translated means “stinking perspiration”) penetrates every aspect of life of the concerned, like: school, work, friendships, relationships, family or other social activities. The quality of life of the concerned is very limited.

Smell of sweat can manifest itself into a condition of morbid proportions, much to the chagrin of those affected.

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