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Antiperspirant against perspiration odor
Antiperspirant against perspiration odor

Metal-containing antiperspirants, in addition to their antihidrotic effect, have an antimicrobial function and thus a pleasant side effect and another field of indication: aluminum chloride and especially the drug formulation is also used in local therapy for odor control or therapy of pathological sweat odor and is recommended by dermatologists.

The administration of aluminum chloride (AlCl3) is indicated and extremely effective with regard to hyperhidrosis of the axillae (axillaris), hands and feet, with the greatest therapeutic results in the presence of hyperhidrosis axillaris.
In dermatological test series,  the external application of metal substances  achieved significant improvements  in sweat secretion in these skin areas in approximately 90% of test patients suffering from hyperhidrosis axillaris.

The transfer  of the metal compound causes a functional closure of the skin, which causes a throttling of sweat secretion. Metal ions of the solution react with the cells of the sweat glands and finally form a precipitate as a product, which blocks the duct of the glands.
The metal substances as astringents trigger  protein precipitation as a reaction sequence, which seals the gland excretory ducts in the upper skin area. These substances therefore have only a skin-surface effect and no deeper effect.

A complete closure of the glands is not to be achieved by the protein decomposition  of course, which cannot be the application goal, because sweating is in its biological function an absolutely vital and existence-securing process. A complete closure of the glands would lead to a life-threatening overheating of the organism.