sweat at night

Problem: sweating during sleep
Problem: sweating during sleep

For many affected persons a serious but often medical unrecognized problem:

Sweating while sleeping

Permanently waking up at night, interruptions of the sleep cycle, waking up bathed in sweat, soaking wet nightclothes and bedding. All these phenomena of sweating at night have reasons to believe that side effects of drugs or a systematic sickness could be the cause of this. 

Night sweats are an often found problem in medical praxis. Assuaging this lapidary, like saying that it's just too warm for the sleeper (hot air from the heater, thick duvet etc.) and changing the quality of the bedding fulfills the problem as little as the often spread rumor in context with hyperhidrosis:

"Sweating is normal and healthy."

To assume a pathological, in this way sickly sweating, the perspiration has to be so high that the affected person has to change his or her pyjama, nightdress, underwear or bedding many times at night.

Differential diagnosis

There's a plethora of illnesses that could be the cause of night sweat. Very often is this phanomena of sweating causal bred by the intake of a specific drug. An emotional tension is also often a high ratio of the reasons. 
Systemic causes of night sweat could be:

  • Infections (infectious reasons like tuberculosis, abscesses, fever)
  • Medicinal (among others Antidepressants)
  • Neoplasia (Tumor)
  • Endocrinal (among others Menopause, Hyperthyreosis)
  • Gastroenterological, neurological and psychiatric (Reflux, Injury of the spinal cord, Deprivation - Alcohol)

Treatment of night sweats

For preventing the unwelcome sweat at night, it is necessary to find the possible reasons, as set out above, and show them with a differential diagnosis. A detailed anamnesis in connection with lifestyle habits, intake of medication etc., a physical examinationgeneral functional examination right up to a specific functional examination are the necessary steps in the process of giving therapy to affected persons.
If this diagnostic algorithm will be adhered, the odds will be for encounter night sweat in an effective way.