Anti-stress sweating

anti-stress concepts against hyperhidrosis

Decisive for the effect and thus for the therapeutic effect of the AG is almost exclusively the experience of the teacher. Only if the teacher brings the necessary prerequisites and expertise, the willing learner will be able to master this technique independently after repeated practice and integrate it into his everyday life.

Tiefenentspannung Sitzhaltung beim Autogenen Training

In everyday life there is actually always time to use this anti-stress training optimally and successfully with only minimal  time expenditure. If one has finally learned the form of self-concentration in professional application, one can confidently dispense completely with initially still required exercise prerequisites.

Once the user has made positive experiences in dealing with the   relaxation training, he will not want to think this tool away from his   everyday life.

After a successful learning process, even under the most difficult conditions, one can realize a mental switch-off, an escape from the daily rush and hysteria, which will undoubtedly also have a suffering-reducing effect with regard to the clinical picture of hyperhidrosis.

In the meantime there are innumerable possibilities for the realization of this anti-stress training. In the following a short excursion about the mode of action and application technique of the most common form of the AG shall take place, even if this presentation can only conditionally   do justice to the claim of comprehensiveness.

As often described, stress and anxiety often trigger tension. Especially the stressful symptom of perspiration is all too often a consequence of mental and physical states of tension. The process of excessive perspiration reflects in an impressive way   this state of tension, in which the human organism goes into alarm or even panic, the organism is programmed for maximum performance, so to speak. The AG, on the other hand, has the function of relaxing the musculature and can therefore be understood as a reversal or transformation process into a state of physical balance .

The correct practice of the relaxation technique removes the sounding board from stressful situations that usually have a negative effect on the body. Thus, the performance of muscle relaxation achieves an antagonistic effect. Through conscious and voluntary induced sensations of relaxation, the human body reaches a deeper and deeper state of rest during the exercise, which is further intensified with increasing duration of the practice.


Relaxation to reduce stress and sweating

The actual goal of the AG is that this state of rest is transferred to everyday life after a certain period of practical practice, so that the person as a whole  achieves more rest and relaxation.

In order to make the effect of AG unmistakably accessible, the explanation of a psychobiological principle is necessary. This universal rule, applicable to everyone, states that all produced thoughts, emotions and ideas have the tendency to be realized on the physical level.

For example, there are many hyperhidrotics who, in certain situations, only need to think of the phenomenon of sweating and they are overcome by hypersecretion. This characteristic peculiarity of hyperhidrosis illustrates  in a very impressive way the force and power of the human imagination.

All the imaginations created in the human mind, time and realize themselves through circumstances or events in the life of man. Man himself is identical with his thoughts and imaginations. Whatever he instills in his mind, sooner or later this thought material manifests itself in some way in his life. 

This basic psychobiological law can also be seen as the interplay between action and reaction, between cause and effect. The cause is the thought, while the effect is consummated contents and reactions of these thoughts. And these reactions extend in many cases also to the physical-organic level of the human life.