Consequences of the procedure

ETS-Experience report: Consequences of the procedure

Some days I felt in deep breaths, which rubs lungs inside the body to the surgical wound, a stabbing in the chest, were also at this time, the ribs still irritated. The scratching and burning in the area of ​​the shaved underarm hair, complain about the many patients I have hardly noticed. My impression of Dr. Tarfusser: I am convinced that it was a good decision to choose Dr. Tarfusser as a doctor. He has extensive experience with the surgery and was on the constant improvement of surgical techniques in Sweden significantly involved. With his medical care on site, I was completely satisfied. He and Dr. Frederick took before the operation to take sufficient time, all questions and concerns that had my parents and I have to be taken seriously and in detail to react to it. Very fair and open, I found that in conversation he once admitted that one of the previously operated patients postoperatively showed him the Horner's syndrome complex. However, this was an extremely leptosomatic physique, by changing the position of the ganglion (they were not, but between the ribs) was significantly more difficult and the surgery. Also on the other dangers of the operation (compensatory sweating, gustatory sweating), he pointed me in the preliminary again to detail. I met Dr. Tarfusser as a very thoughtful, intelligent and friendly people.

As far as I can judge this, he belongs to the (rare) species physicians who see their profession as a vocation. Treatment is with him no ground clearance, but very individual. That is - I've heard so far - for example, be different in Sweden. Now it has become problematic to reach him by e-mail. I was able to convince himself that he is inundated by inquiries from around the world literally. Therefore, it is probably now for someone who is seriously interested in an operation with him and on the e-mail to him gets no answer, better to contact directly by telephone with him in conjunction. If the operation is also available in Germany? During my research I have learned that some clinics in Germany (Prof. Dr. WJ Stelter in the Municipal Hospital in Frankfurt am Main-Höchst, Dr. Schiller Godehard Friedel in the clinic in Gerlingen near Stuttgart, the university hospitals offer in Freiburg and Munster) ETS. Which is performed with technical experience and on what level of intervention there, is beyond my knowledge though.