Experience report ETS

endoscopic transthoracic sympathectomy (ETS).

Hilfe, ich schwitze! Samira Verlag Altauflage 2000

my tale of woe:
(Source: "Help, I sweat," first edition in 2000, Samira GbR's note: Report of an affected person, not the author!)

I am 26 years old and a student. In palmoplantar hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of the hands and feet) I had been suffering from pre-school age. The problem gradually worsened with time. Around since 1988, my hands and feet even in trivial emotional stimuli (eg the ringing of the phone, shopping at the supermarket, school / university), at high outside temperatures and / or physical activity (brisk walking or cycling ranged from drive) is always dripping wet. The sweat ran off with me in the past few years, always in one-step process: 

Experiences of a person concerned

For relatively simple stimuli, only the hands and feet were affected, were excited, the physical strain and / or the temperature a little higher, I was sweating in the armpits and on the trunk. In extreme situations, even came to the welding head. The attributable to the limitations hyperhidrosis in professional and private sector were significantly in recent years. With good reason I can say that cost me the suffering of an entire quality of life. For this reason, I consulted about the problem in the past ten years more than 10 physicians of all specialties (general medicine, neurology and psychiatry, internal medicine, dermatology). All therapeutic approaches (iontophoresis, aluminum chloride solutions, other antiperspirants, anticholinergic drugs, autogenic training) had no regular or temporary success. I was on the Internet in December 1995 on the web pages of Dr. Tarfusser and thus on the endoscopic transthoracic sympathectomy (ETS) carefully.

After I had informed myself on the internet and in medical libraries for some time about the procedure, its risks and opportunities, I decided in late 1996 that ETS can be carried out by Dr. Tarfusser in Merano. Approval process: It is possible that the cost of the surgery and some of the travel expenses in Germany are covered by the insurance company. Required for this purpose is a certificate from the attending physician, stating that the extent of hyperhidrosis for patients in the long run is not responsible mental and occupational health burden, that all other therapies have failed and that the ETS a safe and side effects of therapy is, the costs are justifiable. In addition, a description of the procedure and an approximate cost estimate required by the operating surgeon. The documents are examined by the medical service of health insurance. It is recommended that in addition to the two o.g. Documents, other information (eg specialist papers on the subject) to submit.